The bassoon is a double reed instrument: two blades from reed cane are bound together and vibrate against each other. The quality of these reeds has a profound influence on the color and quality of the tone of the instrument, and bassoon reed-making has evolved into a science of its own. One cannot simply buy them in a shop, because each reed has to be tailored according to individual demands of musicians. Many bassoonists make their own reeds; otherwise they obtain them from colleagues who have specialized in the art of reed-making.

Since I am often asked to give advice on how best to go about making fine adjustments to finished bassoon reeds, I have compiled a few tips here. Of course, there is no patented recipe (unfortunately!), and I cannot give any guarantee of success. Nevertheless, some of my own experiences with reed-making over the years might be of some help to others.

If you would like to know more about the process of bassoon reed making, you may have a peek at my workshop, or you may study the chapter about Reed Adjusting.